Photo by Aaron Tator

As a researcher, I’m interested in music’s capacity to make our connections to places and spaces that much more vivid. Currently my work explores two separate (but not entirely distinct) fields of inquiry: the cultures and histories of experimentalism in Canadian music since the 1960s; and, the relationship between settler colonial studies and musicology. In the case of the former, I’ve published work on experimentalism’s unique efficacy in highlighting locality, and the ways in which listening to experimental music in Canada might give us new insights into the ways that we define ourselves within civic and national lenses; In the latter, I’m currently working on a number of projects with colleagues dealing with institutional accountability, repatriation of musical recordings, and rethinking Canadian music history as a colonial project—one that requires us, as scholars, performers, and composers, to reconsider our own roles and responsibilities in the 21st century.

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