Here’s a page that lists some music I’ve made over the years. I’ll try to update links when I can but most things should be easy enough to find online if you’re interested.


As main composer /collaborator

2011       Canaille, Practical Men (Komino)

2009       Canaille, Potential Things (Standard Form)

2008       Feuermusik, No Contest (Standard Form)

2007       Jeremy Strachan, The Heart of the Matter (Standard Form)

2006       Feuermusik, Goodbye, Lucille (Independent)

2004       Sea Snakes, Clear as Day, the Darkest Tools (Three Gut Records)

2003       Rockets Red Glare, Moonlight Desires (Blue Skies Turn Black)

2002       Rockets Red Glare, Self-titled (Sick Room Records)

2001       Rockets Red Glare, 7” Single (Die!Venom Records)


Appearances as performer / arranger (Select titles)

2017       Marker Starling, Anchors and Ampersands (Tin Angel)

2017       Tanika Charles, Soul Run (Record Kicks)

2016       Ron Hawkins, Spit, Sputter, and Sparkle (Pheromone)

2015       Marker Starling, Rosy Maze (Tin Angel)

2015       Ron Hawkins, Garden Songs (Pheromone)

2015       The Weather Station, Loyalty (Outside)

2013       Jim Guthrie, Takes Time (Static Klang)

2013       Minotaurs, New Believers (Static Klang)

2013       Maylee Todd, Escapology (Do Right)

2012       Steamboat, Rules (Independent)

2012       Dave MacKinnon, The Past is a Foreign Country (Independent)

2011       Devon Sproule, I Love You, Go Easy (Tin Angel)

2011       Sandro Perri, Impossible Spaces (Constellation)

2011       Muskox, Transformations/Invocation (Independent)

2011       JJ Ipsen and the Paper Crown, Entertainment Ordinaire (Independent)

2010       Gabriel Levine, Long Spun Thread (Independent)

2010       Minotaurs, The Thing (Static Klang)

2010       Friendly Rich & the Lollipop People, The Sacred Prune of Remembrance (Hazelwood)

2009       Hylozoists, L’ile de Sept Villes (Outside Music)

2009       Sunparlour Players, Wave North (Outside Music)

2008       Laura Barrett, Victory Garden (Paper Bag)

2008       Fembots, Calling Out (Weewerk)

2008       I am Robot and Proud, Uphill City (Darla)

2007       Nathan Lawr, Sea of Tiny Lights (Saved by Radio Records)

2006       Golden Dogs, Big Eye Little Eye (True North)

2006       Hylozoists, La Fin Du Monde (Boompa Records)

2006       I am Robot and Proud, The Electricity in Your House Wants to Sing (Darla)

2006       Jon Rae and the River, Knows What You Need (Baudelaire)

2005       Constantines, Tournament of Hearts (Sub Pop)

2005       Deadly Snakes, Porcella (Paper Bag Records)

2005       Fembots, The City (Paper Bag Records)

2005       Nathan Lawr, Secret Carpentry (Independent)

2004       Nathan Lawr, Night in the Minotaur Wood (CBC Recordings)

2003       Constantines, Shine a Light (Sub Pop)

2003       Nathan Lawr, This Heart Beats a Waltz (Maple Music)


Performance Highlights (With various ensembles)

2016       Somewhere There Creative Music Festival

2012       Guelph Jazz Festival (Coltrane’s Ascension)

2011       ALL CAPS Island Festival, Toronto

2011       Calgary Folk Festival

2011       Sappy Fest, Sackville NB

2011       Dawson City Music Festival, YT

2011       Halifax Jazz (Out like a Lion Festival)

2011       Ethio-TO, Music Gallery, Toronto

2010       London Ontario Living Arts Festival

2010       Hillside Festival, Guelph ON

2010       VTOten Festival, Toronto ON

2010       Nuit Blanche & Guelph Jazz Festival, Guelph ON

2010       Toronto Jazz Fest Next Wave Series

2010       Japan Tour w/I am Robot & Proud

2009       London Ontario Living Arts Festival

2009       Ottawa Bluesfest

2009       Somewhere There Performance Residency

2008       Japan Tour w/I am Robot and Proud, Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Mt. Fuji)

2008       Feuermusik, Electric Eclectics Festival, Meaford

2008       John Coltrane’s Ascension, conductor, Guelph

2008       Feuermusik Orchestra, No Contest CD launch, Music Gallery

2007       John Coltrane’s Ascension, conductor & promoter, Tranzac

2006       Night Music, new works for saxophone quintet premiered, St. John’s

2005       Extermination Music Nights (guerrilla-style performance events 2005–2009)

2005       The music of Jean-Jacques Lemêtre, Berlin

2004       College Music Journal Festival, New York City

1999       Multiple North American tours w/Rockets Red Glare (1999–2003)